Passive Defense

I’ve been following Thinkst for a while and I love to hear Haroon Meer get interviewed as he has some amazing viewpoints. You can catch him quite a bit on which is worth a listen.

I think I would like to deploy one of their canary devices but can’t swing the price at the moment for a home lab but I’m trying to convince work, unfortunately to be truly effective we would need a dozen or two. Been thinking about the OpenCanary product and seems like now would be the time to get started on that as they just pushed some updates.

I’ve also deployed quite a few of their free tokens in sensitive places. Luckily so far I’ve only caught myself blundering around which is good! They also have a blurb explaining what that’s all about.

Basically if you are reading this blog these are some basic things that you might want to deploy to make sure you are the only one inside your network.